About us


Mani Pastrana, Founder

Sirvanti was founded by Mani Pastrana, a true stylist and tailoring expert with over 30 years of experience in men’s personal attire. Mani traveled throughout the years to the European and Domestic trade shows educating himself on the top fabrics, garment construction & top workmanship with the ultimate purpose of offering our clients quality, style, innovation and service. Mani has established a special bond and relationship with each and every client providing everyone special and personal attention taking the time with each client to assess their individual style and enhance their wardrobe. A client is not just a client but considered a friend of Sirvanti. Mani laid the foundation for Sirvanti as a company and brand and leaves it in the best hands possible, Blanca Pastrana, his wife of 25 years.


Blanca Pastrana

The legacy of Sirvanti is now continued by Blanca Pastrana, Mani’s beloved wife of 25 years. Having been by Mani’s side since the inception of Sirvanti’s first store front in South Miami and being part of all the transitions throughout the years, Mani prepared her for the task of continuing to provide the same quality custom clothing experience with extraordinary service just as he had established all these years. She has been inspired to begin filling Mani’s shoes with the same dedication and passion that makes Sirvanti the brand it is today. And as the saying goes… Behind every successful man, there is a strong, wise and hardworking woman!