MANI was an extremely honest, dedicated, hard working man. His level of generosity had no boundary. He was very passionate about clothing and the finer things in life. He had a beautiful vibrant spirit and carried himself with much class. He was honorable and a noble compassionate soul. A family man who was very loving and affectionate. He is missed very much. We have suffered a great loss.

Sirvanti is a family owned business and brand that Mani and I built throughout 25 years of hard work, dedication and passion.  We laid the foundation for a reputation of providing quality custom clothing with extraordinary service. The Sirvanti brand that we have built will live on.
Sirvanti has not ceased to operate but only needed some time to regroup and restructure. The thought of closing never came into play.  It was just a matter of who would step into Mani’s shoes at the showroom.  It took me some time and thought but I finally came to the realization that Mani had been all along preparing me for this task and that I was the only one who could step into those very special shoes.  So I accept with the confidence that he will always be guiding me and that I will have the strength to continue to carry on Mani’s legacy for me and the boys.

The outpour of support that we have received from all of our clients has been overwhelming and humbling. You are all the reason why Sirvanti must go on as well.
We ask you all to join me in celebrating Mani. Recognizing him for what he has left us. Memories of a man full of life. A man who wore his emotions on his sleeve. A man of honor and principle. A man who valued each and every one of his clients and considered them all friends. A man who was passionate about clothing and was always reading up on new trends with men’s fashion to educate his clients to what looked best for them. I vow to strive to do the same.

Sirvanti would like to invite you to join us for a very special trunk show event in honor of Mani.  Our fabric, suit and shirt vendors will be present to assist with all aspects of placing orders and we will be offering special pricing. We will assist you in choosing from a multitude of fabrics, to confirming your measurements, to helping you choose what fits your lifestyle.
Wednesday 9/10 & Thursday 9/11 between the hours of 10 a.m.6 p.m.
Hyatt Regency Coral Gables
50 Alhambra Plaza
** We will be scheduling appointments throughout those two days, you may select your appointment time at the following link: **


You can also call ahead to schedule the time that best suits your schedule. You may reach us at305-665-7353.
A contribution of 10% of all sales will be made to our two young boys, Jovani and Stefano in support of their college education. So I would like to thank you all in advance.
I look forward to meeting each and every one of you.